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Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae

April 24, 1998 – August 19, 2011

It just wouldn’t be right to start off this blog without a post in memory of Daisy.  Daisy was a cherished part of our family for over 13 years.  Daisy wasn’t able to enjoy the farm as much as we had hoped, but she did get to spend a few weekends there with us.  Once the vet told us that she was in pain we knew it was time to let her go.  We all miss her terribly but know that she is no longer hurting and is at peace.

Daisy hated fireworks, going to the vet, having to share the couch with Shadow, being combed, baths, being bored, surgeries, bad dreams and the vacuum cleaner.

Daisy loved rawhide bones, snow, going on walks, hiking vacations in the mountains, tug of war, pumpkin pie, eating toilet paper (especially the cardboard roll), chocolate, and playing in the water.

But most of all, Daisy loved Matt & Kellie.  She grew up with them, walking them to school every day and waiting on the corner for them to come back home in the afternoon.  In summer, she splashed them in the backyard swimming pool and in winter, chased after their snow sleds to steal their mittens.  She sat beside the bleachers and watched them play baseball and softball and sat along the parade route to watch them march by.  Daisy slept beside them when they were sick and let them drag her across the floor when she refused to “give up” playing tug of war.  Daisy always watched out the front door for Matt & Kellie to come home from wherever they were and would seem down in the dumps if they were gone too long.  We buried Daisy at the farm on a Friday evening and on Saturday morning Matt left for college.  I think it worked out for the best as I am not sure Daisy would have understood why he was gone. 

Rest In Peace Daisy.


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