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Down on the Farm

We haven’t even owned our farm for 6 months yet, but we are quickly filling it up with animals.  We currently have 30 alpacas…….

The Girls

The Cria (babies)

and the boys

Willie & Nillie

Willie & Nillie…….were adopted from our neighbor Sue to join our farm family.  They have a ball teasing the alpacas and exploring the barns.  I have to say, I’m not really a cat person, but these two little ones already have a place in my heart.  Who can resist such cuteness anyway!


Shadow……..last but certainly not least.  Our beautiful black lab.  She is our “city dog” that loves the farm.  She has had a few bad experiences with the cattle guard, barbed wire fences, and an alpaca named McKenzie, but all in all, she is quickly becoming a “farm dog”.

Everyone is trying their best to adjust and get along.  Sometimes it is tough but it gets a little better every day.  The older boys love to pick on each other and the younger boys.  The girls do pretty good until it is time to share their food then it is every alpaca for themselves!  The kittens love to tease the alpacas and Shadow just doesn’t understand why all these animals have taken over her world!

Watch for future posts in which I will individually introduce you to each of our farm animals.


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