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What’s in a Name

We are often asked if we name our alpacas and if so how we go about picking those names.  Yes, we do name all our alpacas.  Our alpacas are registered with ARI (Alpaca Registry Incorporated).  We typically use a breeder id of PARSONSPF before the name of the alpaca for the registration, i.e. PARSONSPF Revolution or PARSONSPF Renegade but their “around the farm” names are just Revolution and Renegade.  To help us choose names, we pick a theme each year.  We try to do this as a family and it seems a lot easier and more fun to pick out names this way.  Themes we have used thus far are:

2011 – The Beatles

(Maggie Mae, Revolution, Sgt. Pepper, Abbey Road, Ringo and Imagine)

2010 – Roller Coasters

(BoulderDash, Renegade, PowderKeg, Galaxi)

2009 – Small Town America

(Weston, Richmond, Tipton, Frisco)

2008 – Baseball Stadiums

(Shea, Wrigley, Fenway, Murphy)

We will not need to pick a theme for 2012 as we did not do any breeding during 2011.  But we have not made a decision on a theme for 2013 and would love to hear your ideas.


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