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A Spring Day at the Farm

We have been blessed here in Missouri with some beautiful spring weekend days and last weekend was no exception.  I thought I would give you a glimpse into our life by showing you what a typical spring day is like on the farm.

We moved the alpacas around to give them some fresh pasture while their regular pastures are growing back in after the winter.  The girls were moved over to the large pasture and we blocked off the two smaller pastures to allow the grass there time to grow.  We opened up the back pasture for the boys and blocked off the two pastures they are usually in to give the grass time to grow there as well.  We allow the boys to graze the back pasture during the day but put them back in, for their safety, at night.  

The boys were in heaven back there with all that grass to graze!

They are too busy eating to show you their cute faces!

The boys got a little exercise.


And so did Shadow.



We met the new neighbors…….just arrived sometime last week. 

We did a little fishing. 

Looks like Myles caught a big one……..or maybe just trying to make us think he did!


Added a bit more to the garden


Then we rested.   It was a Wonderful Day!

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