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Spring Is Sprung

I’m so excited about my garden, berry bushes and fruit trees I can hardly stand it!  We have only just begun to plant the vegetable garden but so far the onions, snap peas, radishes, spinach and lettuce are coming along nicely.  We have a large strawberry patch that I just finished planting.  We will not have much this year but by next year, will be swimming in strawberries.  Yum!

We have some existing blackberry bushes and a gooseberry bush but have more blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry bushes to get planted.  Our grape vines are beginning to spread as well.

The cherry tree, apple trees, pear and apricot trees have all bloomed and are coming along nicely.

I try to do a little tour of the back yard every weekend to see how everything is doing.  You will see below that everything is coming along nicely and if it continues, we should have lots of jams, pies, cobblers and fresh fruit & vegetables in a few months.

The Grapevines





We had a little bit of a scare this week with the possibility of a late frost and I’m a little concerned about some strong storms heading our way the end of this week.  But if all goes well (fingers crossed) and we get some nice rain, we will have a huge crop to give away to family and friends.  My goal is to not have one blackberry go un-cobblered, one grape go un-jammed or un-wined, one cherry go un-pied, and one apple go un-sauced!  Only time will tell.

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