A Fiber Farm Blog

A Busy Week

Some of you may have noticed that it has been a few weeks since my last post.  I really do try to post more often but last week especially was crazy busy!  I will do more posts on the details of what went on last week, but for now, here is last week in pictures.

We celebrated our daughter Kellie’s High School Graduation.

And co-hosted a graduation party and a family dinner celebration!

We completed the first shearing at Parsons’ Prairie Farm!

And gathered some fiber while we were at it.

Some enjoyed their new haircuts and how cool and comfortable it made them feel.

While others were a little embarrassed and hid behind their mama until that “weird new haircut feeling” wore off .  Come on…..you know the feeling!

 We did a little gardening…..

……and a little harvesting

And when the week was over, took the time to sit and enjoy what we had accomplished!

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