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Sprouts – End of Day 5

First of all, sorry I didn’t do a post for Day 4 of my sprout adventure.  By the time I got home from work late, took care of the chicks and watched the Presidential Debate, I was just too tired to post.

So here we are at the end of Day 5.  My radish, alfalfa & broccoli mix are doing great and are ready to harvest.

My bean and pea sprouts seem to be moving along a little slower.  Here is how they look at the end of Day 5.  I think I will rinse, drain and let them sit another day.

But the alfalfa, radish and broccoli mix are defnitely ready to go.  I laid them out on a towel just to get a good look at them.

Then I put them in a bowl of water.  I swished the sprouts around in the water to loosen up the seeds that were attached to the sprouts.

Then I took a spoon and took as many of the seeds out as possible.  (A big thank you to my hand model, Jeff)

When I had finished cleaning them up, I put the sprouts back in the jar for just another day.  I will put them in my window in hopes that they get a little bit of sunlight and green up just a bit.

I can’t wait to give the chicks their sprouts.  They are going to love them!


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