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It’s time for my final Sprout Adventure blog post!  Growing my own sprouts has been a huge success, especially if you could have seen how quickly the chicks ate them up.  Not only were they easy to grow but they looked and smelled delicious as well.  I am going to have to make extra for us to eat at home.  They would be wonderful on salads, sandwiches and in stir fry, just to name a few.

But, here we go with the last group of pictures.  Here are the sprouts when I pulled them out of the jar for the last time.  I wish you could have had the opportunity to smell the freshness and simple goodness of the spourts.  This group was the radish, broccoli and alfalfa sprout combo.

I took the fresh sprouts out to the chickens and wow did they go crazy over them.  It was hard to get a good picture, they made such a fuss over them.

Needless to say, I will be growing sprouts all winter for both the chickens and my family.  It is an easy, inexpensive way to add healthy, fresh greens to our diets all winter long.

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