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Oh Happy Day!

The chicken coop is now complete and this weekend the chickens were put in their new home.  They had the best time exploring and pecking around. 

There are still things that I want to do, but for now, the chickens have plenty of room and a safe place to spend the winter.  Next spring, we will work on replacing some of the rotted boards, paint the coop, stain the wood, and work on the windows so that they are comfortable when it gets warm next summer.   I am also reading a book called Chicken Gardens by Jessi Bloom in hopes that by next spring I can do some landscaping in and around the coop that will add beauty to the coop but be healthy for the chickens as well. 

I couldn’t wait to get in with the chicks and take pictures since I finally had some room and plenty of good light.  But do you know how hard it is to get a good picture of a chicken when it is running around, pecking at anything and everything?  Plenty hard!  I picked out some of the best so you could enjoy seeing the chickens as they explore their new home.


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  1. Nice coop, Cute chickens 🙂

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