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New Friends

We were busy at the farm last Sunday afternoon preparing for the arrival of 6 alpacas from Alpacas at Tucker Creek.  The alpacas already on the farm were of course very curious as to what was going on.  If you have never tried to get work done with 20+ curious females hanging around watching, I can tell you it is not an easy way to get much of anything accomplished.   Finally they all relaxed a little and enjoyed the day (and abundant sunshine) while waiting for their new friends to arrive.

Finally, the transport arrived.

And out came the females…..Cordelia, Buttercup, Alcatraz, Mari, & Sweet Pea to explore their new home.

And, last but certainly not least, Jeff was taken off the transport and introduced to his new home.  And yes, we do now have an alpaca on our farm named Jeff.  How he got that name is a story I will have to blog about on another day.

Jeff was put in a run with the Beatle Boys (Imagine, Sgt. Pepper, Ringo & Revoluation) that are the same age.  They hit it off right away.  The 5 new females took a little longer to become “one of the group”.  The 5 of them pretty much hung out together for the first couple of days, but now, a week later, have become a part of the herd. 

As you can see from the pictures, our new arrivals have some beautiful fiber on them and we even got a little color as well.  We are excited to have these 6 as a part of our herd and to become a part of your fiber options for 2013.

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