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Alpaca Manners

The big day is almost here, the Holiday Open Farm that is, and you will be happy to know that we have been working on our alpaca manners for the last week or so.  It has been determined that our 5 yearling boys; Sgt. Pepper, Imagine, Ringo, Revolution and Alpaca Jeff will be up front and center for the big day.  This has been the perfect time to work with the boys as we have had lots of family and friends around the farm to get them used to visitors.  We are working with them so that they are comfortable eating alpaca chews out of our hands and are as polite as an alpaca can be about it.  That means no fussing with each other over who gets the most.  So far, Revolution and Ringo have done really well and I think will be perfect little alpaca greeters.  Imagine is still working on being comfortable, he hangs back a bit.  Sgt. Pepper and Alpaca Jeff, well they need a little more work!  My son Matt started working with them last week.  They were very hesitant at first……

Then Ringo and Revolution started to make their way to the treats……

An example of Alpaca Jeff forgetting his good manners.  Not everyone likes to be sniffed around the head……..

And, success…….

We will keep working with the boys on their alpaca manners so they will be ready to greet visitors on Holiday Open Farm Day!


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