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Welcome Balto

Our new livestock guardian dog, Balto arrived Thursday evening and we are all just head over heals in love with the little guy.  Balto is a Great Pyrenees and is a little over 3 months old. We purchased him from the Colemans, Wing and a Prayer Alpacas in Amity, Oregon.  Balto was the runt of his litter but what he may be lacking in size he certainly makes up in heart!

Kellie & Balto

Balto is quite calm and is letting the alpacas and other animals on the farm warm up to him slowly.  He and Shadow already get along famously.

Balto & Shadow

Even though Balto has a big job ahead of him, he is still a puppy and likes to play.

Balto at Play 2

Balto at Play

Balto has been around alpacas since the day he was born.  Our alpacas have not had a dog living with them before, but are warming up to him.  Balto has been very good about letting the alpacas come up to him when they are ready to interact.Balto Standing Guard

But he is still a puppy and puppies get tuckered out from time to time.  Sweet Dreams Balto.

Tuckered Out


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