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Chicken Update

Thought it was about time I gave you a chicken update.  They are at 21 weeks old now.  From what I have read, they could possibly start laying eggs around 22 weeks….assuming that they have enough daylight.  We do not have electricity to their coop, so cannot add any light to make these winter days seem a little longer.  So I have prepared myself that it may be several more weeks before they begin to lay eggs.

Last Saturday we had a nice warm day so we spent the time getting their nesting boxes ready.  We did have their nesting boxes placed on the floor of the coop so they could get used to them.   But on Saturday Jeff built a table or bench of sorts to put the nesting boxes in and get them up off the floor.  He used all reclaimed wood we had there at the farm and picked up the kitty litter tubs at our local recycling center.

Nesting Boxes

The chickens had to explore all under their new nesting boxes and peck at all the screw holes and corners to make sure that all was acceptable to them.

Under the Nesting Boxes

The bad news is that we will not get eggs out of all of our hens because, alas we have a couple of roosters in the group.  Larry (bottom row, center), whose name used to be Laverne, has been crowing constantly.  He is definitely the top chicken of the group and is a bit of a bully.

Larry & the Ladies Minus 1

And, I couldn’t resist sharing these cute little chicken bottoms with you.

Chicken Bottoms

Hopefully my next chicken update will include pictures of our first eggs!


Comments on: "Chicken Update" (2)

  1. Beautiful chickens. And I love the fluffy bums 🙂
    That first egg you find will be so exciting!

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