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2012 Clip

Montana Roving

I’m often asked “What do you do with the fiber?”  So when I looked at the 2012 Clip, pound by pound, I came up with:

8% or 8.8 lbs. – Went toward yarn processing of cria fleece

5% or 5.6 lbs. – Was used for miscellaneous processing, rovings and yarns

25% or 27.85 lbs. – was processed into felt for a special top secret project I have planned

15% or 16.4 lbs. – went toward the 2012 Fiber CSA

23% or 25.0 lbs. – was sent off to the Natural Fiber Coop for processing into product

24% or 26.35 lbs – is considered our rug fiber.  It is still sitting in my garage waiting for the funds to send off for processing.

Aurora Yarn

All in all, we got 110 lbs from our 28 alpacas and we are proud that all of it (with the exception of the rug fiber) has been processed into product.

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