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Balto, our Great Pry puppy is about 8 months old now.  We got him from Randy & Barbara Coleman, Wing and a Prayer Alpacas in Oregon.  I can’t even tell you how much we love this dog…..he is just so big, so sweet, so lovable!  We have enjoyed watching him grow and become a better livestock guardian dog every day.  But sometimes we have to remind ourselves that he is still a puppy.  He loves to romp and play, loves to explore and well, I’m afraid to say…..loves to eat everything in sight.  There’s not a lot of things that Balto hasn’t taken at least a pretty good bite of.  In addition to countless bags of fiber, numerous plastic bottles from the recycle bin, paper plates galore, 2 moles and some things just too gross to mention, Balto has eaten:

Mini Blinds

The mini blinds in the garage.  These are the old metal ones, not plastic mind you.  Balto actually didn’t feel well that day and the vet had suggested we keep him in the garage for the night.  Imagine what he could have accomplished had he been feeling up to snuff!


Has started to nibble his way up the arm of the adirondack chairs.


Kellie’s hammock.


Pretty much all of the garden stakes.  Who knows what I have planted, and where now.

Swimming Pool

And the kiddie pool.  Too bad this is the pool that Kellie fills up for him to take a dip and cool off.

Sweet Balto 2

I’m sure there will be a few more things destroyed over the summer as Balto grows up a bit more…….but, with a face like this, one can forgive about anything!

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