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Balto’s Bad Day

Balto, our Great Pry, desperately needed to go in for a grooming.  We have been having a relatively cool and wet spring so far, but even so, you could tell he was getting hot.  So our vet recommended that we get all that hair off of him for the summer.

Sweet Balto 2Balto loves his farm, all his responsibilities, Shadow and the rest of the family.  And he is a very agreeable dog……except when he has to go somewhere.  He hates wearing a leash, getting in the car and he especially hates going to the vet.  Even though we knew that it was not going to be a happy day for Balto, well, it had to be done.

We dropped him off at the vet at 7:00 a.m. and it was a full day process for him.  He was bathed, groomed, blown dry and finished off with a complimentary toenail clip.  The very end of the day gave him the opportunity to have a quick check up with the vet and get caught up on all his shots.  An all day spa treatment was what it was, and yet, Balto hated every minute of it!  He clearly would have rather spent the day at the farm!  When I arrived to pick him up he looked dejected, humiliated, and just plain exhausted from it all.  And to add to his upset……he was totally unrecognizable!

We got Balto home and he drank tons of water,

Balto Shaved 2

Had to convince all the other animals that it was really him, the same old Balto,

Balto Shaved 3

Had to rest in one of his most comfy spots,

Balto Shaved 4

And needed a little relaxing time to just enjoy being home after his bad day!

Balto Shaved 5

So tell me, does this look like the same dog to you???

Balto Shaved



Comments on: "Balto’s Bad Day" (1)

  1. Kathy Gruner said:

    Poor Balto!!!!

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