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Luffa Update

The summer is just flying by!  It seems like everything is going so fast!  Everything except my Luffa Project that is.  I had read that these are slow growing plants and now I know that to be true.   I started my seeds indoors late winter/early spring and then once I planted them outside, it seemed like we had nothing but rain and cooler than normal temps all spring.   So maybe they got off to an even slower start than usual.  But I’m happy to say I am now seeing results.  I have vines growing up my fence and even a few Luffas growing.  I started this project with just a few plants hoping to learn as I go this year.  I have a couple of nice looking luffas growing now and hope to see a few more by the end of the season.

Luffa 1

Luffa 2

Luffa 3

Luffa 4

Luffa 5

Looking forward to a fun Luffa harvest in a few months!

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