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My First Luffa

I’m so excited!  I harvested my first luffa over the weekend!  This luffa gourd was the first that came on the vine and began growing several weeks before any of the others.  This is what it looked like right before I picked it:

Luffa Ready to Harvest

I decided it was ready because 1) the color 2) it was very light weight and 3) the skin felt papery and I could tell that it had separated from the fiber inside.  I cut off the end and shook out all the seeds into a bucket.  They are drying now and will be used next year.  Once I had most of the seeds out, I started to take the skin off.

Peeling the Luffa

It must have been more than ready because it came off in one piece.  Easy!  But Balto was there to help just in case we needed him.  After that I washed it and let it dry out.  I still have a couple of seeds that I need to get out, but I will do that when I wash it good a second time.  But here it is……my first homegrown luffa.

Washed Luffa

I have about 8 more in my small crop that still need several more weeks before I can pick them.  I have had a lot of fun watching these grow!  I will post again when I have harvested all the luffa for the year.

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