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Why Can’t We Be Friends?

We introduced two very special additions to our farm family in November…..miniature donkeys Jelly & Jalapeno.  It took us no longer than a minute to fall in love with these two adorable, sweet donkeys.  Their personalities, curious minds, loud braying and a bit of orneriness here and there never fail to make us laugh!  We did wonder how Jelly & Jalapeno would react to the alpacas and the alpacas to them, so when the donks first arrived they had their own space in the barn with the female alpacas.  The donks were able to meet the alpacas through the cattle panels, but each still had space to slowly get to know each other.  The first few days were interesting as they got used to each other.  But soon everyone settled into a routine.  We intended to mix them together within a few weeks but due to some bitterly cold weather and way too much going on during the holidays we just didn’t get it done.  But one day, it all happened anyway.  I don’t know if we left the gate between the two open, or if the donks opened it themselves (would not have surprised me), but we got home from work one day and everyone was peacefully grazing together. 

Although Jelly & Jalapeno spend a lot of time together……

Donks 1

they quickly settled into life with the alpacas

Donks & Alpacas

The chickens and Aflac the duck are quite comfortable around the donkeys too.

Jelly & Chick

The day that I was out taking pictures, Jelly seemed unconcerned and just wanted to eat.

Jelly 1

But Jalapeno definitely wanted his picture taken….was a real photo hog.  In fact, I really didn’t get a full body shot of him because he so enjoyed the closeup!  Here’s is one of his closeup shots…..

Jalapeno Closeup

And one even closer…..

Jalapeno Even Closer

And a couple more of Jalapeno posing.  He just couldn’t seem to stay away from the camera!

Jelly 3

Jelly 2

I can’t tell you how much we have enjoyed having these two around the farm.  Our alpacas are all a little shy and rarely come up just to visit. But Jelly & Jalapeno love to interact and it is so nice to be greeted by those sweet donkeys when we go out to the barn.  It also amazes me how quickly and easily different animals learn to live together.  The chickens and Aflac have learned to watch out for those big animal legs and feet, yet can be found right next to them on a cold night.  The alpacas are maybe a bit annoyed by the loud braying of the donkeys and the donks are forever putting their noses down into the fiber of the alpacas, I’m sure curious as to what in the world that is all over those alpacas.  But even though they are all very different in size, shape, color and voice, they have all learned to share the barn, hay, pasture and to become friends.





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