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Surprise Kittens

We’ve had a bit of a barn kitten explosion on the farm lately and knew it was way past time to do something about it.  We had plans to take both Knit and Purl to the vet this morning to be spayed.  Knit had kittens about 6 weeks ago and Purl was too young (or so we thought) to have kittens yet.  We gathered up both cats over the weekend and put them in a dog crate so that they would be ready to go to the vet.  What a surprise I had this morning when I found that Purl had 3 new kittens in the crate.  We went ahead and took Knit in, she had her surgery and is recovering nicely.  Purl got a reprive for 6 weeks to raise her kittens.  Purl has hardly ever been handled and is pretty wild so we decided to keep her in the crate and eventually on the screened in porch so we can catch her again when we need to.  She can raise her babies there.  The good news about all this is that I can finally watch a litter of kittens grow.  Knit always hid her babies among the hay bales and you never saw them until they were up and moving around on their own.  This will be fun to watch and I want to share the experience with you.  Purl is not a happy camper in the crate right now but she seems to be a good mom and handling the kittens well.  She is very protective.  I didn’t get the best pictures as I was trying to take them through the bars of the crate, but here  you go:

Day 1:  3 kittens; 1 yellow, 1 black & white, 1 mostly white with some black

Kittens 2

Kitten 1


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