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Introductions – Dakotah

I promised you a while back that I would introduce you to the alpacas and other critters on our farm.  I obviously haven’t been very good about keeping that promise.  I tell you, it has been a long, extremely hot, extremely dry summer here and although the weather has cooled off some, we still desperately need rain.  But it was a beautiful, cool evening so I went out to be amongst the alpacas and take some pictures. 

So tonight we will get started with the introductions.  Keep in mind, this is not a sales pitch for any of these animals.  I will be telling you the real scoop about them….the good, the bad, and sometimes the really, really dirty.  My hope is that you will get to know them a little better and get a feel for why we love raising them.

We just have to start with Dakotah.  She was the first alpaca that we purchased.  She is also our oldest female, having been born in 2002.  When we purchased Dakotah, we chose her based on the information and photos on Tucker Creek Alpaca’s website.  She was a proven mom, bred to an ideal alpaca herdsire, SunTzu and was a light fawn color.  But on top of that, who could have resisted that face!  Dakotah is always easy to pick out in an alpaca crowd with that sweet unique face.  She is very laid back, is happiest when humans keep their distance a bit and gets along great with the other alpacas.  She is a great mom and has given us Tucker Creek’s Journey, ParsonsPF Fenway and ParsonsPF Maggie Mae.  We brought her from Oregon to Missouri last fall and she has settled right in without a problem.  Dakotah’s fiber is nice and if we can get the staple length long enough, produces a beautiful yarn.