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Winter White Sale

Beige Farm Roving

It has been a busy couple of years at Parsons’ Prairie Farm. So busy in fact, that I have not found the time to do a lot of the fiber dyeing that I had hoped to do. And since I have requested an April shearing date again this year, I will soon have another annual harvest to add to my stock pile. So what better way to make room for the 2016 clip than to have a Winter White Sale and offer to you some fabulous undyed fiber at discount prices. This sale will last through March 15, 2016 or until supplies last.  I have listed some beautiful yarns, rovings and craft felt on my Etsy Farm Store at 40% off the regular price.  This fiber takes dye beautifully and is so much fun to work with.  And for those of you that prefer your fiber natural color,  you will find some beautiful white, beige, light fawn and light brown yarn and roving to choose from.

The link to Parsons’ Prairie Farm Etsy Shop is https://etsy.com/shop/ParsonsPrairie



Pink Pandemonium – Blended Roving

Get ready for the next batch of blended roving…….Pink Pandemonium.  This is a blend of 70% alpaca (a natural beige) and 30% bamboo (dyed a shocking red/pink color).

Pink Pandemonium 2

The roving is already up on the website at http://www.naturalfiberfarm.com and comes in 4 ounce bundles.

Pink Pandemonium 1

The alpaca fiber came from Ringo who has soft, fine fiber with beautiful crimp.  Ringo is one of our shy males and can always be counted on as a good & safe buddy when we move the male weanlings over to the “big boy” pasture.


So…..do you know who your roving comes from?



Timna Valley – Blended Roving

We just received the 2014 processed fiber back from Shepherd’s Mill and it has been like Christmas around our place! We have some of the most beautiful 100% alpaca and amazing alpaca/bamboo and alpaca/merino blends to offer this year. I can’t wait to get it all marked and checked in and out on the farm store shelves. I am working very hard to get it all ready to go in time for our upcoming fall shows, but I want to give you a first look and first chance to purchase all this beautiful 2014 fiber. Once I introduce the new fiber here, it will also be ready for purchase on the farm website at http://www.naturalfiberfarm.com. If you see something you want, place your order as quickly as possible. I think this fiber will go very quickly once we start our fall show tours.

I will start by introducing Timna Valley, a beautiful 60% alpaca/40% bamboo blended roving. The alpaca fiber is light fawn and comes from our alpaca Imagine. Imagine’s fiber has been blended with bamboo, dyed a beautiful malachite color. The roving comes in 4 oz. bundles and is $26.00 per bundle.
Timna Valley

As you can see, we have plenty of bundles right now, but I think that will change very quickly, particularly as shoppers get their hands on this incredible fiber.
Timna Valley 2

Imagine is one of our beautiful males……..fine fleece with a nice long staple length. And that color…….gorgeous!

So…..do you know who your roving comes from?

Easter Ham & Nesting Balls

I’m sure you’re wondering what Easter Ham and Nesting Balls have in common.  Well here goes…….I baked my Easter ham today.  I know I am a week early but since baked ham is one of Matthew’s favorites, I wanted to prepare it for him before he headed off back to school.  He has been home on spring break from K-State and since he has to be back tomorrow, will not be coming home for Easter Sunday.  The rest of the family will get to enjoy my mother-in-law’s Easter Ham next Sunday as well!  Can’t beat that!  Baked ham two weeks in a row!

So while I was preparing the ham, I pulled this netting off and immediately thought…….Nesting Balls! 

Ham Netting

Birds love to use fibers to weave into their nests.  Often times I just leave some fiber out in the yard for the birds to pick up and use.  But if I can, I make a nesting ball.  This way, the fiber is contained, the birds can pull out what they want to use, and since the nesting ball is hanging up high, the birds are much safer from predetors.  So, here is how I make a nesting ball.

Sew up Side

I had to take a minute to sew up the side of my bag.  If I had been more careful and planned ahead a little bit, I would have just slid the ham out of the bag.  But this time I cut the netting down the side.  So I took a nice long length of cotton cord and wove in and out securing the side.  Keep in mind that the bag your ham came in may be quite large.  I sewed only about half way up the bag and still had quite a large nesting ball.  When you get as far up as you want to go, secure the cord to the netting with a knot.  Leave the cord on so you can use it later on.  Now, if you have a netted bag that has not been cut, you can skip this step and go on to gathering your fiber.


Next I selected the fiber for my nesting ball.  The fiber I use is far less from perfect fiber.  It is the fiber I can’t use for much else.  Trust me, it will be perfect for your nesting ball and the birds will love it.

Fiber in Netting

Fill up your net bag with the fiber.

Wove Opening

Now take the cotton cord that was left over and weave around the top of your netting.

Pull it tightly

Pull it tight and secure.  Clip off any of the extra netting at the top.  Clip off any extra length of cord.

Top to Bottom

The top is now the bottom and the bottom is now the top!  I flipped my nesting ball over because I loved the already made handle and wanted it at the top.

Help the Birds

Next, I decided to help get the birds started by pulling out a little bit of the fiber.  Trust me, by the time the birds really start working on their nests, it will have fiber sticking out of every single hole!

Hang in Tree

Treat for Birds

As you can see, today doesn’t look like the best day for building a nest!  But the new nesting ball is up and ready for Spring when it finally arrives!

2012 Clip

Montana Roving

I’m often asked “What do you do with the fiber?”  So when I looked at the 2012 Clip, pound by pound, I came up with:

8% or 8.8 lbs. – Went toward yarn processing of cria fleece

5% or 5.6 lbs. – Was used for miscellaneous processing, rovings and yarns

25% or 27.85 lbs. – was processed into felt for a special top secret project I have planned

15% or 16.4 lbs. – went toward the 2012 Fiber CSA

23% or 25.0 lbs. – was sent off to the Natural Fiber Coop for processing into product

24% or 26.35 lbs – is considered our rug fiber.  It is still sitting in my garage waiting for the funds to send off for processing.

Aurora Yarn

All in all, we got 110 lbs from our 28 alpacas and we are proud that all of it (with the exception of the rug fiber) has been processed into product.

New Friends

We were busy at the farm last Sunday afternoon preparing for the arrival of 6 alpacas from Alpacas at Tucker Creek.  The alpacas already on the farm were of course very curious as to what was going on.  If you have never tried to get work done with 20+ curious females hanging around watching, I can tell you it is not an easy way to get much of anything accomplished.   Finally they all relaxed a little and enjoyed the day (and abundant sunshine) while waiting for their new friends to arrive.

Finally, the transport arrived.

And out came the females…..Cordelia, Buttercup, Alcatraz, Mari, & Sweet Pea to explore their new home.

And, last but certainly not least, Jeff was taken off the transport and introduced to his new home.  And yes, we do now have an alpaca on our farm named Jeff.  How he got that name is a story I will have to blog about on another day.

Jeff was put in a run with the Beatle Boys (Imagine, Sgt. Pepper, Ringo & Revoluation) that are the same age.  They hit it off right away.  The 5 new females took a little longer to become “one of the group”.  The 5 of them pretty much hung out together for the first couple of days, but now, a week later, have become a part of the herd. 

As you can see from the pictures, our new arrivals have some beautiful fiber on them and we even got a little color as well.  We are excited to have these 6 as a part of our herd and to become a part of your fiber options for 2013.