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Egg Noodles & Perfectionism

I have been thinking lately that I would like to make homemade noodles.  My Grandma Anthony used to make these all the time.  Jeff’s mom still makes them for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Making homemade noodles has been on my mind ever since my hens starting laying eggs.  The only way, I think, you can make homemade noodles better, would be to use eggs that have been laid by your own spoiled hens!

Now, I have never made homemade noodles in my life.  I watched my grandmother do it many times and the recipe seemed easy enough…..there’s only a few ingredients for goodness sake.  So I opened up my old Betty Crocker cookbook and went to work.

Egg Noodles Dough

I combined the egg, milk, salt and flour and let it sit for 10 minutes.

Egg Noodles Rolled

I put it out on a floured surface and rolled it into a very thin, 12 x 18 rectangle.  You can see that my 12 x 18 rectangle isn’t really a rectangle at all, but that is how I managed to get it rolled out.

Noodles Rolled

Noodles Cut

I loosely rolled up the dough and cut it into ¼ inch wide pieces.  Now this is the point that I was starting to get worried.  I could tell that the little rolls were going to be awfully difficult to unroll.  And they were!  I don’t know if I didn’t use enough flour when I mixed them, when I rolled them out, or maybe it was the odd shape of my rectangle that did me in.  But I couldn’t get those noodles unrolled nicely for the life of me. 

Drying Noodles

Noodles Closeup

Here is what my noodles looked like when I finally set them out to dry.  This is not how my grandma’s homemade noodles looked, I can tell you that.

Now at this point, I should tell you that I almost didn’t post this.  You see, my noodles did not turn out like I had planned, certainly not like my grandmothers or mother-in-laws do, in fact they looked quite awful!  And since I am a perfectionist in many things I do (I really should get help for this) I didn’t want to post anything that wasn’t perfect.  But then I realized, this isn’t how I want my blog to be.  I want my blog to be about trying new things, learning from our mistakes and realizing that sometimes we have no idea what “perfect” really even is.

Chicken n Noodles

When all was said and done, even though my noodles looked, well a little odd, my Chicken with Homemade Noodles tasted amazing!  Perfection!