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Shenanigans at Parsons’ Prairie Farm

Fall is, without doubt, my favorite time of year.  I love the colors, the food, the coolness of the air, pulling out the sweatshirts and getting the warm comforters out of storage.  And with the horrible heat and drought that we had this summer, Fall, this year, is particularly welcomed.  One of the first things I have done to celebrate the season is to set up a little fall display.  I bought our first farm pumpkin (I hope to grow my own next year), a bale of straw and a couple of beautiful mums.  Then I pulled out my favorite scarecrow from storage.  This guy has been a part of our family for as long as I remember.  He needs a little mending, as Daisy got ahold of one of his feet some years ago, but still has that same sweet, welcoming smile that he always had. 

But here is where the shenanigans come in.  The last several mornings when I have left for work I noticed that my display has been tampered with.  Some mornings the display would look like this.

And sometimes the display would look even worse, like this.

Honestly, my first thought when something like this happens is that my brother did it.  But he is several hundred miles away and I really don’t think he came to the area just to mess up my fall display.  Also, my brother would never come and just toss things around like this.  He would very neatly rearrange everything so that it drove you crazy, wondering if you actually put it that way to begin with or not.  No, this time, my brother is not responsible for the shenanigans. 

I did wonder if it was the wind, but then I started seeing things like this:

Something is not only messing around with my fall display, it/they are digging in the mums and breaking them apart.  These shenanigans must stop!  It is my favorite time of year after all!