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Easter Ham & Nesting Balls

I’m sure you’re wondering what Easter Ham and Nesting Balls have in common.  Well here goes…….I baked my Easter ham today.  I know I am a week early but since baked ham is one of Matthew’s favorites, I wanted to prepare it for him before he headed off back to school.  He has been home on spring break from K-State and since he has to be back tomorrow, will not be coming home for Easter Sunday.  The rest of the family will get to enjoy my mother-in-law’s Easter Ham next Sunday as well!  Can’t beat that!  Baked ham two weeks in a row!

So while I was preparing the ham, I pulled this netting off and immediately thought…….Nesting Balls! 

Ham Netting

Birds love to use fibers to weave into their nests.  Often times I just leave some fiber out in the yard for the birds to pick up and use.  But if I can, I make a nesting ball.  This way, the fiber is contained, the birds can pull out what they want to use, and since the nesting ball is hanging up high, the birds are much safer from predetors.  So, here is how I make a nesting ball.

Sew up Side

I had to take a minute to sew up the side of my bag.  If I had been more careful and planned ahead a little bit, I would have just slid the ham out of the bag.  But this time I cut the netting down the side.  So I took a nice long length of cotton cord and wove in and out securing the side.  Keep in mind that the bag your ham came in may be quite large.  I sewed only about half way up the bag and still had quite a large nesting ball.  When you get as far up as you want to go, secure the cord to the netting with a knot.  Leave the cord on so you can use it later on.  Now, if you have a netted bag that has not been cut, you can skip this step and go on to gathering your fiber.


Next I selected the fiber for my nesting ball.  The fiber I use is far less from perfect fiber.  It is the fiber I can’t use for much else.  Trust me, it will be perfect for your nesting ball and the birds will love it.

Fiber in Netting

Fill up your net bag with the fiber.

Wove Opening

Now take the cotton cord that was left over and weave around the top of your netting.

Pull it tightly

Pull it tight and secure.  Clip off any of the extra netting at the top.  Clip off any extra length of cord.

Top to Bottom

The top is now the bottom and the bottom is now the top!  I flipped my nesting ball over because I loved the already made handle and wanted it at the top.

Help the Birds

Next, I decided to help get the birds started by pulling out a little bit of the fiber.  Trust me, by the time the birds really start working on their nests, it will have fiber sticking out of every single hole!

Hang in Tree

Treat for Birds

As you can see, today doesn’t look like the best day for building a nest!  But the new nesting ball is up and ready for Spring when it finally arrives!